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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Phoenix Picture Frames Art At Its Finest

Phoenix picture frame art
Phoenix picture frame art

There are many ways to make your love of art shine. The design possibilities are almost limitless, but here are a few sought after examples.


When framing your picture art in a single frame, go for the gusto! If you frame paper art, consider that many different mats and edgings are wonderful for color, scale, and texture. When using a single art picture frame on a canvas, choose a frame featuring varying lip, wider profile, or maybe some interesting visuals. Ensure that the frame is dimension-ed correctly, the color complements the art, and the texture suits the framed art's vision.


When it comes to Phoenix picture frame art, you bet two are better than one! When it comes to picture frame art, one
frame positioned over an inside picture frame makes your picture frame art pop like you
would not believe. Sandwiching two frames can achieve a great image for your picture frame
art in. Our experienced craftspeople will select two or more frames to make your
picture frame art the envy of Phoenix.


A float style picture frame shows the entire art, even that pesky margin normally covered
by standard frames. Used on its own, a picture frame float makes a very minimal frame,
essentially a border for the art. If that is not enough, stack on more frames over the art
to add depth to your frame art. Float frames are essential if the outside portions of the
picture frame art has details to show.


Fine gallery crafted frame art is all the rage. When the art pours wonderfully out to the
edge of the canvas, it deserves to be enjoyed. Covering wrapped canvas art with a frame can
look shabby. The solution is placing the wrapped art picture on top of a frame, achieving
the ideal picture frame while fully enjoying the art piece.

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