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Friday, November 30, 2012

Pink Floyd UFO Poster - Phoenix Archival Framing

Phoenix archival framing
Phoenix archival framing
Here's an original (first print) silkscreen poster (the layered inking around the little paisleys is obvious) that was printed in 1967 by Osiris Visions (OA114). It was designed by Hapshash & The Coloured Coat (Nigel Waymouth & Michael English), and was used to promote a July 28, 1967 Pink Floyd show at the UFO Club in London (where Pink Floyd was more or less the house band in the Syd Barrett days).

This poster measures approximately 19 5/8" x 29 3/4", and is in good condition. I think the photo does an adequate job of displaying the various edge issues. Here, it is at Esprit Decor to be sent out for restoration. I do all my Phoenix archival framing through Esprit Decor. They handle it all for me, from arranging restoration to picking out the frame.

This poster comes from the collection of Brad Rodgers at, and is the real deal. There are so very few of the true originals of this poster around (most are reprints), that it makes a good deal of sense to buy one from Brad...he has done the work, and he knows the characteristics of the original Osiris/Hapshash posters.

The Restorer soaks it in a special, de-acidifying, bath that takes all the acid out of the paper. She TOTALLY flattens it. She repairs all crinkles, tears, breaks. She colors in any exposed paper. She mounts the poster in a linen backing. For rips and tears she uses a mix of a special binder and paper itself and actually "repairs" the rips with this. She does something with "Crompton tissue" too. There's more but that's it off the top of my head. The lady is a wizard.

For my 13th Floor Elevators, Grackle Debacle, poster I made the mistake of telling her that she "smudged" my poster a bit in the restoration process. She wrote me back this letter telling me that she didn't "smudge" my poster; that the "smudge" happened when the Printer was removing the poster from the press, in 1968, when the ink was still wet. She says that she has never "smudged" a restoration piece in all her years of work. I was like: "Yikes! I said the wrong thing!"

For an example of this Restorer's work; first, take a look at this video. This poster was HAMMERED!

Here's the very same poster back from being restored:

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