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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Captain Beefheart / Chocolate Watchband Phoenix Picture Framing Project

Phoenix picture framing
Phoenix picture framing

Check out this Captain Beefheart / Chocolate Watchband poster / 3 postcards set that I had framed at Esprit Decor. This is a Bill Graham Production, at the Fillmore Auditorium, in 1966. The Artist is (of course) Wes Wilson. I love this image with the woman; it's so peaceful looking. To the right of the image is the psychedelic lettering that Mr. Wilson pioneered.

Captain Beefheart was a strange bird. At this time, and throughout his music career, Beefheart was seen as "different" and an outsider. He had poor business sense and wound up immobilized in a series of conflicting Contracts in the Seventies. In 1975, to help him out, his childhood friend, Frank Zappa, hired him as Lead Singer in his band for the USA Tour. Beefheart paid him back by being difficult and doing things like drawing pictures of Zappa in all kinds of unflattering positions and passing them around; Frank with a dick for a nose, Frank coming out of a toilet, Frank as a homosexual, you get the picture.

Finally, around 1982, Beefheart had enough of the Music Business, or the Music Business had enough of Beefheart, and he chucked it all and moved to France to become an Abstract Expressionist Painter. He began using his real name, Don Van Vliet, and found great fame in this capacity. Mr Van Vliet passed away last year from complications of MS. Now? The world is reexamining the Captain Beefheart Catalog and he is being proclaimed a genius, innovater and general, all around, core influence upon today's Rock music. Who would have thunk it?

The Chocolate Watchband, silly name aside, were one of THE Great American Bands of the Sixties. They totally rocked out. Unfortunately, they too were plagued by poor record company deals and dizzying personnel changes during their brief career. The record company once even fired the original band and assembled a faux Chocolate Watchband out of LA studio musicians. This unit put out an album that was actually pretty good. In a perfect world, the mighty Chocolate Watchband would have made it huge and sold out stadiums and been one of the Headliners at Woodstock. An absolute KILLER retrospective of them is Chocolate Watchband - Melts in Your Mind; Not in Your Hand.

Esprit Decor framed this with a perfect match of frame / matting to compliment the piece. They are my Phoenix Picture Framing connect.

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