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Monday, September 17, 2012

Syd Barrett Phoenix Picture Frames Project

Phoenix Picture Frames
Phoenix Picture Frames
Check out this Syd Barrett Phoenix picture frames project by Esprit Decor. This is a UK promo piece for Wouldn't You Miss Me? This was Syd's "best of" collection put out in 2001. This collection had the, oft-rumored, Bob Dylan Blues song on it. David Gilmour had this track in his collection since those sessions. He made a cassette copy and brought it home. Good for him because the reel master seems to have gotten lost.

A Syd Barrett "best of" collection is kind of like that trick question that Larry the Cable Guy asks the audience: "Do you know what I love most about this Country? (USA)" Then he says: "Trick question! I love everything about this Country!" Then he goes on to list his favorite things like: drive through wedding chapels, smash up derby races, corn dogs, you get the picture...

Anyway, everything Syd Barrett did was the best. So, this is a collection of his tracks with one new track to "hook" long time fans. Who was Syd Barrett? He's only the guy who started Pink Floyd and played Lead Guitar and wrote all their earliest songs. Unfortunately, right after the release of the 'Floyd's first album he experienced a nervous breakdown that led to his leaving the band. These solo tracks are from a few years after leaving Pink Floyd when his potato had been baking for awhile. Syd still had his musical sensibilities but these songs are, obviously, the work of an altered mind.

Anyway, Esprit Decor took this poster and framed it with a simple white frame and no matting. It looks great on my wall.

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