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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Phoenix Poster Framing Project - Lenny Bruce

Phoenix poster framing
Phoenix poster framing
Check out this Lenny Bruce Fillmore Auditorium poster and three postcards. This grouping was done by Esprit Decor, my Phoenix poster framing connect. They did an excellent job with orange frame and purple matting. Additionally, see an individual postcard framed as well.

The Promoter, Bill Graham, has been quoted as saying that this poster was his favorite poster from all of the shows he did. On the supporting bill was the Mothers. As everybody knows, this was the Great Frank Zappa's group.

Phoenix poster framing
Here's what Frank Zappa had to say about Lenny in his book:

"I had seen Lenny Bruce a number of times at Canter's Deli, where he used to sit in a front booth with Phil Spector and eat knockwurst. I didn't really talk with him until we opened for him at the Fillmore West in 1966. I met him in the lobby between sets and asked him to sign my draft card. He said no – he didn't want to touch it. At that time, Lenny lived with a guy named John Judnich. ... Compared to Jerry and Bill, Lenny Bruce was quite normal. At that time, according to Judnich, Lenny used to stay up all night dressed in a doctor's outfit, listening to Sousa marches and working on his legal briefs."

This show was to be Lenny's final performance. He died of a heroin overdose a short time after. His good friend, Phil Spector, said Lenny died from “an overdose of cops.”

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