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Monday, July 23, 2012

Mix and Match Phoenix Framing Photos

Phoenix framing photos
Phoenix framing photos
Displaying ones life, adventures, family, friends, special occasions and memorials is most common in households and offices alike.  Some more than others will catalog their whole life experiences displayed for all to see.  Others prefer their own still life photography or travels to tell their life story to visitors.  Whatever the circumstance and no matter how few or many pictures you have Phoenix framing photos by Esprit Decor Gallery can help you frame them.

Go with no glass and no matt for a contemporary look or add for some and not others.  Mix and match is what I like best.  As in a favorite uncle's house there was not an empty space on the wall top to bottom, clear around the doorway and furniture were pictures throughout the years.  Love it?  Yeah, I did and found it interesting even though I saw them over and over.  Haven't done it in my home yet but it does add plenty of character.

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  1. I like the talk about proper matting in this Phoenix Framing Photos post.