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Friday, June 15, 2012

Phoenix Custom Framing of Rare Texas Concert Posters

Phoenix custom framing
Phoenix custom framing

Hi, my name is Kiloh Smith and I am a long time customer of Esprit Decor. For my Phoenix custom framing jobs I go to no other establishment. I collect rare Texas concert poster artwork and the people at Esprit Decor really see the vision. Some of these pieces, like the Vulcan Gas Company posters, were printed in runs of one hundred. California venues, like the Fillmore or Avalon Ballroom, printed runs of a thousand or more and frequently had several print runs. So you can see just how rare these "Vulcans" are. They are valuable.

Robert usually helps me and he, ever so carefully, handles the pieces that I bring in. I rely on Robert's vast knowledge of the Esprit Decor inventory to aid me in making a decision. I am always thrilled with the result. Pat is always around for his expert advice and all around presence. Both Robert and Pat are such nice people and KNOW what they are talking about. It's such a breeze getting my expensive posters framed the right way.

They have a guy in the back that does the work and his name escapes me now but THAT GUY is a real Craftsman! Every piece I get from Esprit Decor, and I have gotten a LOT over ten years, is expertly finished with sharp edges and grooves that meet in the corners and no smudges on the glass. That guy can also cut designs in the matting and it's really amazing. I tell him to make "something cool" and he cuts these designs in the matting that really make the piece stand out.

I miss the other guy that did the framing too but he passed away recently. He had a little female dog that hated EVERYBODY except him. She loved him and came to work with him every day. Their picture is now displayed behind the counter at Esprit Decor and I hope that they keep it there. And yes, the little dog that hated everybody found a good home with relatives after her owner died.

I will continue to take my poster framing projects to Esprit Decor for the wonderful service and beautiful results. Below here are some videos of rare posters that Esprit Decor framed for me.

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