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Friday, June 15, 2012

Custom Framing Phoenix is Live!

Custom Framing Phoenix is the official blog of the folks here at Esprit Decor Gallery. In this blog we discuss topics related to art and artists, custom framing, photography and the like. Your comments are always welcome and we are very interested in sharing this dialog with everyone. We'll be civil, and we hope you will as well. we may not always agree, however, we can agree to disagree.

Here's today's burning question:

If breaking a mirror means seven years of bad luck, does not breaking a mirror mean seven years of good luck? Here's the reason I'm asking:

Recently, one of our designers dropped by the gallery to asked us a rather unusual question: how large a framed mirror  could we make? After some consultations and a few phone calls, we came to the conclusion that based on the Larson Juhl Biltmore profiles she had selected, the longest leg could not exceed 9' 3" The short side would be 6' 2"! We called our mirror supplier, Valley Beveling, and were assured that a beveled mirror to fit our frame was not a problem, and they could deliver it in a week.

We ordered the two profiles specified by the designer, and set to work cutting and assembling the two frames, one which would nest inside the other, for a truly regal and dramatic look. The moldings were a perfect compliment to each other, since they were both from the same family of frames, with an identical finish.

Once the frame were glued, nailed, joined,nested and braced with double angle braces in each corner, we gave the beveling company the exact interior measurements of the inner frame, and several days later the mirror showed up at the back door of the gallery. We had staged the frame right at the back door, so we wouldn't have far to go with the mirror before we got it in the frame. Using special gloves that won't slip when transporting huge sheets of mirror, we eased the piece off the side of the truck and negotiated our way over the parking bumper and into the gallery. We set the bottom edge in the frame, and slowly tilted the mirror back until the top slid into place. 

We all let out a sigh of relief, and Ron Marshall, our master framer, set to work cutting a huge stretcher frame to behind the mirror backing to give it even more support. Finally, the project was complete! We called our favorite installers, Rest Assured, and they arrived on the scheduled date to transport and install the finished colossus:

Custom Framing Phoenix: The completed frame is ready to be delivered!
Custom Framing Phoenix: The completed frame is ready to be delivered!

After admiring our handiwork one last time, and taking a few photographs for bragging purposes, the mirror was loaded on the truck and whisked off to the client's house. The install went off without a hitch, and the client was thrilled. The designer supervised the installation in real time from her office in Steamboat Springs via the internet!

All in a day's work, you might think, but as any framer can tell you, projects of this magnitude can be challenging when dealing with huge sheets of quarter inch plate mirror. I guess you could say that we're "lucky" to have such a talented team that executed this project without the notion of "luck" ever entering into the equation.

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